Thales SESO has been selected by the “Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik” for the design, production and installation of a set of 2 endoscopes which will be operated onto their Wendelstein W7-X Stellarator experiment (location in North Germany, near Greifswald). These equipments, also named “IRVIS endoscopes” (for InfraRed and VISible), will image onto different VIS and IR cameras a section of the Divertor, with tight MTF performances, close to the diffraction limits. The imaging will be within a field of view of 115°x60° and for the 2 spectral bands 3µ-5µ and 350nm-800nm. The endoscopes operate in very hard environment (UHV, high temperature, …) and will require internal cooling systems, qualified welding process and ultimate cleaning requirements. Thanks to this contract, Thales SESO will be ready also to manage similar observation systems that will be required as well in the near future for the different optical diagnostics of the ITER project.


Hall Wendelstein 7X en cours d’installation