Spectrograph optics for HRS-SALT

Spectrograph optics for HRS-SALT

hrs_thales00Thales SESO has full capabilities to design, manufacture, assembly and test spectrograph optics such as dioptric Collimator and Camera assemblies. The Blue and Red CAM assemblies for the High Resolution Spectrograph of the South African Large Telescope was a. typical example of Thales SESO know how in such business.

Key-features of the HRS-SALT COL and CAM optics:

• Spectral range : 365-550nm (for Blue CAM) and 550nm to 1050nm (for Red CAM)
• Pupil size: in the range of 200mm-240mm
• Use of i-line glasses, for their transparency down to UV but the high CTE induced difficulties to design a mount compatible with large temperature range (risk of thermal breakage of the lenses when mounted din mechanical barrel).
• Use of one evenasphere surface in each Col and CAM

The Thales SESO design heritage and past experience in such spectrograph optics is very large.

As few examples, in such a business are mentioned here :

UVES Blue Camera Φ220mm (for ESO-VLT Paranal)
HERMES Camera (for Mercator Telescope)
EMIR IR cryogenic Camera Φ120mm (for Grantecan-Canarias)