LAM inauguration of technologic platform POLARIS

Thales SESO participated to the LAM inauguration of technologic platform on September 19th 2014. One of this platform POLARIS is dedicated to polishing. The originality is that polishing can be coupled between 2 different methods: Stress polishing which has been developed by LAM for many years and Computer Control polishing developed by Thales SESO. The corresponding polishing machine has a 2.5 m diameter capability and has the ability to correct high and low frequencies at the same time which is something that is not achieved easily with polishing (combining a Computer Controlled Polishing and stress polishing). One of the pending developments is feasibility of the polishing of Extremely Large Telescope where more than 1000 hexagonal segments of About 1.5 m have to be produced in less than 3 years.
The collaboration between LAM and Thales SESO has been going on successfully for more than 30 years during which 5 thesis have been co-financed. During this meeting it was emphasized that Thales SESO made the optic based on an André Baranne (LAM Astronomer) concept of the spectrometer ELODIE which has been used to see the first Exoplanet.

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