Such a component is necessary for the next generation of space observation systems that will return high-quality imagery of Earth with very high resolution. They will be in the range of two meter diameter and will require a maximum surface deformation of all optics of less than 30 nanometers. Active optics is essential to reach these specifications. It is able to correct the image quality throughout the entire telescope. « Madras » is an innovative solution developed in partnership by Thales and the LAM (Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille).
It is a full-size 100-mm diameter active mirror demonstrator driven by 24 actuators, compatible with launch conditions and long-term stability requirements that can be put in an image of the primary mirror. A complete evaluation of the results has been made and is showing possibility of correction down to 3 nm RMS. The development of this kind of system is also forecasted for laser beamlines. The advantage of this solution is the possible use of a thermal conductive material and the fact that there is no cement behind the optical surface. MADRAS

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