Our collaboration with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, KARI, started in 1996. Thales SESO supplied first, a system of OGSE (Optical Ground Support Equipment) for KOMPSAT-1 (Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite). KARI obtained in 2006, the go-ahead to carry out the satellite KOMPSAT-3, behind the successful launch of KOMPSAT-2. Thales SESO has won a contract for manufacturing the whole optical systems to equip the optical laboratory of KARI. KARI has decided to have the best laboratory equipment to test the payload of the KOMPSAT-3, AEISS (Advanced Earth Imaging Sensor System), and 720 mm aperture. Thales SESO will supply by 2008, one moving optical bench, one collimator of 1 meter aperture and a focal length of 30 meters, and a flat mirror of 1 meter aperture, a vibration free system supporting all the optical components and several optical testing equipments. They will be used in testing the payload of KOMPSAT-3 and the ones to come. This is a great challenge for Thales SESO and it is as well the opportunity to keep on being ranked among the best optical system suppliers.

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